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If you’re on the fence, just go for it. You will not regret buying

Premium Quality

I got this for Christmas 2022 and use it everyday for work. perfect to carry my laptop around and plenty of extra zipper pockets all around for anything. price is worth it for the quality of this bag.

Gabriel Vela
Top Notch Backpack

This is the type of backpack you buy once and don’t need another one it’s kind ever again. Maxx and his team meticulously pay attention to all possible and potential needs and curate them into one neat, compact product.

I’ve been a long time supporter of Ever Forward and I’ve got to say they rarely miss. All the pockets, little attachments and straps are thoughtful and effective. I really like the color mixtures of Olive and brown.

Overall, 12/10; best purchase of the Forever Backpack you’ll ever make!

Premium Product!

First off, I did not 'need' a 150$ backpack, but I sure did 'want' it.

It has absolutely lived up to my expectations so far!

My only issue with it was that there were quite a few specks of leather all over it when I got it out of the packaging, and the zipper tabs seem to be the source as the edges of them have been a bit frayed/dusty (not sure how to describe it) for at least the first couple of weeks.

Now I don't really notice any issues with it or fraying etc, this backpack is solid and should be everything you expect it to be!

Darisse Ruben
Great travel backpack

I love this backpack because it can fit all my camera gear, laptop and tablet. Amazing premium design quality! Great for long and short trips in the air or by the sea! You will surely want this backpack for your next adventure.
Love the sleek branding and design